Swing Pumps

Performance offers some of the quickest repair times in the business today. When the job doesn’t allow for downtime, we can offer our customers an exchange power end to get them back pumping. Performance has a variety of power ends in a variety of different models and horsepower ranges. Performance will offer exchange pumps in centrifugal, production and frac pumps and will add pumps as needed for demand.

All exchange pumps are rebuilt with the same high-quality parts and extensive inspection process that is used in any repair done in our facility. All parts used are quality parts and are inspected before installing into the pump during the repair process. All pumps will be primed and paint can be added at customer request.

All rebuilt pumps will be tested before leaving the facility to ensure no issues once the customer receives them. We can also remove and install the pump for the customer at our facility.

Call us today to learn more about our exchange power ends at 682-500-1866